Confidentiality privacy

The following information is provided to assist you in your counseling experience at Social Recovery Center.

Counseling and treatment is a personal and confidential relationship between a clinician and individual, group, or family.

We work from a team approach at Social Recovery. Therefore, there may be times when it is necessary for us to consult with other professional staff either individually or at our clinical team meetings in an effort to provide you with the highest consideration and quality. Our clinicians are all prepared and professionally licensed, graduate student interns, or clinicians working toward certification in substance abuse counseling.

No information will be released from Social Recovery regarding counseling or consultation sessions without your expressed written consent. If you wish for information to be released to anyone, it will be necessary for you to complete a Release of Information form, stipulating the professional to whom the information is being sent. The law stipulates that in the event of imminent danger to yourself or others, we must breach confidentiality. We must also act in accordance with any applicable State laws regarding mandatory disclosure of child, elder, or other abuse.

To reinforce the feelings of closeness and willingness to share with others your feelings, thoughts, and consequences of your dependency, confidentiality is a must in group therapy. Use this as your golden rule:

What is said in Group, stays in Group. To break this rule violates the trust of the total group and the effectiveness of group therapy is lost.

The following guidelines will help you maintain this rule:

  1. Group issues are not discussed with others outside your group.
  2. Do not discuss at any outside meetings or places where others may overhear you.

Your group therapists have the same responsibilities for group confidentiality as you, with the exception that your therapists share group issues and your participation in the group process with other staff members. This is a vital part of the staff team’s approach to assist you in your recovery.

The staff values your confidentiality so highly that anyone who breaks confidentiality – whether to another patient of Social Recovery or to family, significant others, etc., may be subject to discharge from this program.