Our Schedule

Yoga with Beatriz!

The day program enjoys bi-weekly 1-hour yoga sessions. The program enjoys once-a-month 1-hour yoga sessions. Beatriz leads the clients through yoga, energy healing, breathwork, mindfulness, and guided meditations. Clients are given the space to try new mindfulness techniques and ask questions.

Self-help speakers

Social Recovery welcomes members of self-help community groups to come and speak with the clients. The clients have an opportunity to ask the speakers questions about the self-help group, and learn more about how to get involved in them. The speakers are able to share their experiences with the clients.

Smoking cessation class

Social Recovery welcomes New Jersey Prevention Network (NJPN) and Tobacco Free for a Healthy NJ. To educate clients on tools to help quit smoking, and different resources in the community.

Prevention Links: Rise Up Recovery Center

Members of the Prevention Links teams, come to present monthly about various topics such as healthy relationships and other important aspects of the client’s recovery. The client also obtains resources and discusses what prevention links offer, such as case management and peer support groups weekly.

KOMITOMS -Keep On Moving Interactive and Therapeutically Oriented Music Sevices

Social Recovery Center is glad to be able to partner with KOMITOMS to bring in music to our program! KOMITOMS provides a safe space for clients to express themselves through music; sing-alongs, dance-along, drum-along, chair exercises, tone bar activities, rhythmic games, and poetry reminisce experiences. This interactive, dynamic, and therapeutically-oriented music program incorporates a multi-sensory musical approach to wellness, supporting the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive needs of older adults.

Partnership for Maternal & Child Health of Northern New Jersey

staff from their teams present once a month on topics including, promoting alcohol and drug-free pregnancies, PAWS, and relapse prevention. The clients are also able to gain resources and information about their program.