About us

We do it out of vocation

We are passionate about helping our clients gain their footing on the road to recovery.

Our mission statement

We are committed to helping individuals in the community receive personalized treatment that meets their substance use and mental health goals. Our professional staff works to provide individualized care based on where the client is in their journey to recovery.

Our vision statement

We strive to be known as a reliable provider of substance abuse and behavioral health services in the community, offering quality treatment that helps our clients take control of their well-being and live happy and fulfilling lives.

Who we are

Social Recovery Center is a provider of substance abuse and mental health services in New Jersey. Our team offers its expertise and support to individuals who are having difficulty managing their substance use, mental health. We understand that apart from the overwhelming toll these issues take on your wellbeing, they can also affect your productivity, relationships and livelihood.

That’s why we deliver person – centered services, using evidence-based strategies will help you manage the symptoms of your condition, so you can live your life to the fullest.

Work with us today and get treatment from a team that has your well-being in mind.

What our clients say

“Changing life for the better”
Yoga session was great. Beatrice was incredible in every way possible. Both my daughter and I enjoyed it, felt really relaxed after the session l. Looking forward to the next yoga class.
Igal foni
“A wide range of therapies”
Excellent program and staff. Provides you with an opportunity to reassess and consider positive changes. I would highly recommend. I wish the team well and I am happy to be a part of the
Bryan C
Quick recovery
This is Arthur. Had a great night last night doing yoga with my sister. She enjoyed it as well. I'd highly recommend it with a friend or loved one. Glad I had a chance to do it. We don't get a chance to do many things together cause we have our own lives but I always enjoy to spend some time together. Just me and her. Hopefully we can do it again. Thanks Maria
Arthur Thomas
“Quick recovery”
Had a great time at family night doing yoga. It was nice to see people from the meetings. My girlfriend came and really enjoyed it as well. The staff are always very kind and understanding. Can't recommend them enough. Very caring and thoughtful.
James Kunzle
Quick recovery
Attending Social Recovery Center was blessing in disguise for me. I was referred for the IOP program and the first few visits were a roller coaster ride for me but I'm glad I stuck with it and kept an open mind. From my initial intake conversation with Maria, to the counselors that ran group, like Brian, Akilah, Melissa and TJ, everyone was great. I learned some great tools from the counselors and I appreciated their commitment to ensuring my wellbeing was a top priority. Whatever your reason for attending, go in with an open mind, participate and contribute and I'm sure you will have a positive experience. Best of luck.
Brian S
Quick recovery
Caring People
Ron Henry III
Quick recovery
Social Club House is a great out patient program. Very informative and helpful not only to their clients but to their families also.
Carolyn Manfredi

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