Fully Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program

We are passionate about helping our clients gain their footing on the road to recovery.

Our Mission Statement

We are committed to helping individuals in the community get the treatment they need to manage their substance abuse and mental health conditions. Our professionals work to ensure they live an optimal quality of life as they learn how to effectively manage their conditions in the long run.

Our Vision Statement

We strive to be known as a reliable provider of substance abuse and behavioral health services in the community, offering quality treatment that helps our clients take control of their well-being and live happy and fulfilling lives.

Who We Are

Social Recovery Center is a provider of substance abuse and mental health services in New Jersey. Our team offers its expertise and support to individuals who are having difficulty managing their substance use, mental health. We understand that apart from the overwhelming toll these issues take on your wellbeing, they can also affect your productivity, relationships and livelihood. That’s why we deliver person – centered services, using evidence-based strategies will help you manage the symptoms of your condition, so you can live your life to the fullest.

Work with us today and get treatment from a team that has your well-being in mind.

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